Message from Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur

The House of Mewar represents the longest serving, unbroken custodianship in the world. It is a custodianship that transcends all boundaries of kingship, democracy and everything in between. The legacy of the House of Mewar has been passed on since Seventy Five generations and is still alive in our ceremonies, rituals and festivities. People, from near and far , become its stakeholders as they experience this 'living heritage'.

This heritage is not a sculpture carved in the past, al dente and voiceless, which time will inevitably grind down and turn to dust; it lives with us and as we live, evolves and thrives becoming even more burnished and beautiful with the passing of each day .

The City Palace Complex was and continues to be the site for all the rituals, spectacles and celebrations of the royal family. As the Seventy Sixth custodian of the House of Mewar I am honor bound to continue this legacy and discharge my duties to keep alive the Living Heritage of Mewar through the Eternal Mewar Festivals. The sparkle of the bright ceremony of Ashwa Poojan 'A timeless gratitude to Equinity', the ritual burning of ignorance and sloth on Holika Dahan 'A time honored Regal ceremony' and the celebration of the creation of the universe through the melodious and vibrant Kartik Poornima 'Experience the Mystique of life' on a brilliant moonlit night are examples of a breathing and living Palace Complex.

I feel honored to extend an invitation and welcome all the people who share the same thought and hope that witnessing the Eternal Mewar Festivals will help you in becoming a part of this Living Heritage for it is something to be shared and cherished.

Arvind Singh Mewar
76th. Custodian House of Mewar

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