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House and Council

The students of the school are allotted one of the four houses, i.e., Pratap, Gandhi, Tagore and Raman. The house system is an integral part of public schools and helps to co-ordinate various Co-curricular and Extra curricular activities in the school. Each House is placed under a House Master /Mistress, who is directly responsible for the selection and grooming of the members of the house for various competitions. The entire Student’s Council is appointed by the Principal in agreement with the House Masters and the House Tutors. The House Captain, the Vice Captain and the four Prefects of each house take on the responsibility of overall discipline of the school . The Investiture ceremony is held at the beginning of the session. All the Office Bearers are entitled to wear badges.

The entire team is guided in their daily tasks by a team of house master and the house tutors. Regular Inter-House Competitions are held through out the year which foster healthy challenge and competitive spirit amongst the students All the Houses compete with one another to keep their house flag aloft and to win the coveted Cock-House trophy.

The prefectorial system forms the backbone of public school life and empowers the smooth functioning of school. The initiative and capabilities of individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are selected to the Prefects’ Council. The students’ affairs are managed by this Council headed by the school Head Boy and the Head Girl.

The Office bearers are encouraged to manage their affairs and organize various school activities independently, under the guidance of the members of the staff. While the School Head Boy and the Head Girl serve as the link between the school authorities and the students community, the House Captain, Vice Captain and the Prefects serve as the link between the house masters/Mistress and the members of the house.

Prudence Born out of Education always begets the right decision is the motto of MMPS and the school has always believed in this eternal philosophy. The school prepares the young minds and fosters the leadership qualities in its students. The Students’ Council is given a chance to represent the entire school and channelize the information to pave the path of communication between the school administration and the school.

Student Council 2014-15

Head Boy Prakram Singh Chawra XII-B
Head Girl Payal Samar XII-B
Literary Secretary Ahad Sanwari XII-E
Cultural Secretary Govind Krishan Dixit XII-A
Sports Captain Vinayak Burman XII-B
Deputy Sports Captain Himani Choubisa XII-A
Hostel Captain Dheesh Kumar Agarwal XII-B
Deputy Hostel Captain Venkatesh Rajpurohit XII-C



Chief Marshall Abhi Sharma XII-C
Marshals Disha Paliwal XII-A
  Sahib Kaur XII-B
  Kanishka Dungrapuria XII-B
  Tanya Chandela XII-E
  Vandit Jain XII-D
  Divyanshu Singhvi XII-C
  Yash Parmar XII-D
  Deepesh Dargar XII-B
  Deepesh Bandwal XII-C
  Prakhar Jain XII-A
  Milind Surana XII-B


GANDHI HOUSE – Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain

Captain Aditi Soni XII-F
Deputy Captain Divyan Singhvi XII-A
Prefects Tanushree Rathore XII-F
  Ridam Singh Jhala XII-E
  Tushar Agrawal XII-B
  Ruhaan Khan Pathan XII-A


PRATAP HOUSE– Mr. Bakul Trivedi

Captain Maleka Zulfika Ali Tinwala XII-F
Deputy Captain Varun Parihar XII-F
Prefects Chandrabhan Singh Rajput XII-B
  Kalpit Ameta XII-B
  Afsha Sheikh XII-D
  Bhavesh Kumawat XII-A


RAMAN HOUSE – Mr. Shekhar Kumar

Captain Saurabh Mukhia XII-F
Deputy Captain Mokshika Bandi XII-B
Prefects Sejal Chawat XII-B
  Mriganka Kothari XII-A
  Saheli Sukhwal XII-D
  Dhruv Kothari XII-A


TAGORE HOUSE – Mr. Dilip Sharma

Captain Avni Singh XII-A
Deputy Captain Vandini Tated XII-B
Prefects Abhay Singh XII-A
  Ali Akbar Intaliwala XII-B
  Naman Sejwal XII- C
  Apurva Paliwal XII-A
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