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In case of any emergency, we have first – aid box in school premises. In case of severe injury, the child is sent to a hospital escorted by the staff members. Twice in a session, medical Check - up for the students of classes Nursery to V is done.

Medical Check up takes place twice a year. First it takes place in the month of July & second in the month of January. Dr. Babel & Mr. Singh are very familiar with the students as well as teachers and handle the charge of our school’s medical check up.

For maintaining discipline Mr. Menaria and Mr. Jhala take the responsibility of handling the students with care while taking the students for medical check up.

The doctors take the height, weight and do the routine check up of the eyes, nose and throat of the students. Even the teachers have a normal routine annual check up.

Pre – Primary & Primary sections have their own First Aid Boxes which contain soframycin, cotton, bandage, scissors, savlon and an antacid etc. Whenever a child is unwell & needs to take rest, there is a proper rest room having comfortable beds.

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