Presented Research Papers at Rajasthan Archaeology and Epigraphy Congress at Bikaner

Organization of Archaeology and Epigraphy Rajasthan, organized a national conference on the topic 'Understanding the History of Rajasthan through the archaeological evidences on 9th - 10th February 2019. Technical sessions, held in the B.S. Rampuriya College Seminar hall, received participation of well-known Archaeologists, Research Scholar and Research Institutes. Ms. Swati Jain, Sr. Research Assistant,Maharana Mewar Research Institute, MMCF and Ms. Purva Bhatia, Executive - MMCF Outreach Programmes, Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation represented MMCF.

Ms. Swati Jain presented the research paper on 'Ancient City of Mewar: Nagari'. Mewar state has glorious history since second century BCE. Nagari was the first Political (Capital City) and trade center. Various archaeological remains described in this research paper, which were found in excavations in 1910 CE and 1953 CE respectively. In the presentation traced photographs of sculpture, inscriptions and ancient settlement were shown by her.

Ms. Swati Jain presenting her research paper 'Ancient City of Mewar: Nagari'

Ms. Purva Bhatia presented the research papers on 'The Early Capitals of Mewar - Nagda and Ahar'. The towns of Nagda and Ahar hold much importance in the early phase of Medieval Mewar but they lost their credit in due course of time. This is the reason why people started to believe that Chittor was the only capital of Mewar when Bappa Rawal won it from Maan Mori, however there are

many archaeological evidences which proves that Nagda and Ahar remained capitals of Mewar for about 600 years before Chittor was actually taken as the formal capital. Her presentation compiled various photographs and details of the stone inscriptions proving her research topic.

Ms. Purva Bhatia presenting her research paper 'The Early Capitals of Mewar - Nagda and Ahar'

Documentation of Cenotaphs at Ahar

Ms. Gunjan Chaplot, Scholar is researching on the architecture and other features of the cenotaphs at the Ahar. The project include documenting the features like Sati stone inscriptions, the foot imprints (Pagliya ji) and religious markings. All the Maharanas of Mewar from Maharana Amar Singh I (r. 1597-1620 CE) to Maharana Bhagwat Singh were cremated there or have their Chatris (Cenotaphs) at the cremation ground.

Cenotaphs at Ahar

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