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At a glance:

This area was a part of the old Rawala or house of the royal ladies and was built by Maharana Udai Singh II (r. 1537 - 1572 CE) when he shifted his capital from Chittor to Udaipur in 1553 CE. Around forty years later, during Maharana Amar Singh I (r.1597-1620 CE), after Amar Mahal was built as the living quarters for the Royal Ladies, the surrounding chambers in the Kothar became the central store of the palace and were used for storing food grains and other items, which were distributed to different sections of the palace. Daily rations for horses and elephants were also stored here. Many paintings depict servants carrying sacks of grains across the courtyard or engaged in other activities related to the above, such as separating different types of food grains, presumably for the purpose of distribution. The surrounding chambers were demolished around the 1850s, during Maharana Swaroop Singh's time to provide space for Khush Mahal, Around 1974, a stage and open air stepped stadium was built for the Maharana Mewar Public School by Maharana Bhagwat Singh (r.1955 - 1984 CE).

This place is guarded by a huge wooden gate called as the Kothar Pol. The restoration of the Pol's Serrated Pavement and the surrounded buildings along with the wooden gate was done in year 2011.

Presently referred to as the stadium, it is used by the students of Maharana Mewar Public School for regular play as well as for special celebrations on occasions such as the Republic Day, Independence Day as well as other sports activities. Besides, it acts as the only access to the staff quarters located on the western side of this area.

No earlier drawings of this space are available but the architectural form and the usage of this space can be comprehended by looking at the earlier court paintings and photographs.

Who built Kothar and when was it made?

It was built by Maharana Udai Singh II (r. 1537 - 1572 CE) when he shifted his capital from Chittor to Udaipur in 1553 CE.

Why was Kothar built?

As the name well defines the purpose, the Kothar by early 17th century was precisely used as the central storage for food grains and rations for the Palace staff, royal elephants and horses and from here the food grains were then distributed to different sections of the Palace.

Kothar - Development at a glance

Period: c. 1730 | Accession No: 2011.18.0040

Proposed undated old map of Kothar, The City Palace Udaipur

Ramp work at Kothar

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