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The Mewar Regalia:

Textiles and Costumes

The apogee of civilizational splendor for ancient cultures is usually denoted by the grandeur of their textiles. The sartorial richness of Mewar is to be showcased in a unique gallery within the Zenana Mahal of The City Palace Museum, Udaipur. The costumes and textiles on display will convey the preservation of tradition as seen in the wearing styles of the region, adapted and innovated by successive generations of the royal family and court. The display will also see the use of an innovative Mise-en-scène, recreating a bedecked royal bride’ s farewell from Udaipur to her marital home. Other exhibits in the forthcoming gallery will focus on the use of innovative embroideries, trims, woven fabrics and distinct garments as worn at festivals, religious ceremonies and during various rites-of-passage ceremonies at the court of Mewar.

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