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The City Palace Preface

Nav Chowki Mahal

It was built by Maharana Udai Singh II in 1559, as the first phase of construction of the Rajmahal, now called The City Palace. It houses the fire-pit of Goswami Prem Giriji Maharaj. He was the sage who had a small hut on top of the hill, Rana Magri.

When Maharana Udai Singh II camehunting in this area with his entourage after visiting Shree Eklingnath ji Temple, this was as per custom, when he got the news of the birth of his grandson Amar Singh. He saw fire emanating from the hill and on asking someone in his party told him about the sage. Maharana dismounted from his horse and decided to meet the sage.

On seeing Maharana Udai Singh II the sage told him that you are looking for a place to build your palace. He was surprised how the sage new about his inner thoughts. Sage replied, that he was a saintly man of god and knows when people come to meet him, the purpose of their visit. He advised Maharana to build his palace on this very spot and said, "This abode will always be beneficial for your future generations". he asked him, that where would he go and the sage replied that he is an ascetic and they do not have any permanent residence and left the next day.

The Nav Chowki Mahal is called so as it is built on the basis of nine equal square grid. It was initially used as a Paneera, Pantry as it is called in the local dialect. Next to this the stairs takes the visitor to the next floor where the place is called Chandra Mahal.

Dhuni Mata Shrine, Rai Angan, The City Palace, Udaipur.
K. L. Syed & Co.
Gelatine silver print
c. 1930- 1950,
CPMU 2009.10.0166-00015

Dhuni Mata Shrine, Rai Angan, The City Palace, Udaipur

Inside the Dhuni Mata Shrine, Rai Angan, The City Palace, Udaipur
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