Academic Initiatives

Annual Guide Orientation Lecture Programme

Guide Orientation Programme is organized by MMCF with an objective to create awareness and educate the guides at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur. The Annual Guide Orientation programme was initiated on the World Heritage Day 2019 with ITIHAAS, New Delhi on Thursday 18th April 2019, with the first batch of guides. The second batch was trained on Friday 19th April 2019.

Ms. Smita Vats and Ms. Payal Randhava from ITIHAAS did the orientation with 50-50 selected guides on both the days. On the first day of the session the guides were briefed about the ITIHAAS, the second session focused on behavioural pattern and language skills of guides. Presentations were shown to the guides and then they were taken for a practical session, walk around the museum.

Ms. Smita Vats and Ms. Payal Randhava briefing the guides

Ms. Smita Vats and Ms. Payal Randhava briefing the guides

Guides with Ms. Smita Vats and Ms. Payal Randhava after the session

Development in Maharana Mewar Special Library

Maharana Mewar Special Library (MMSL) is a world-class special library. By the end of this month MMSL has a collection of more than 34875 books of different varieties. Library has special collection of books on Literature, Religion, History, Arts, Zoology, Sports and General Geography about different part of India and globe and rare collection of books on Mewar dynasty.

30 new books were received in this month and all the books were processed in Accession Register. Classification done by Dewey decimal classification 19th Rev. Edition, Cataloguing (AACR II) and Bibliography; details uploaded in Library housekeeping software. Libsys and Eternal Mewar web site Stamping, tagging and scanning was also performed all these books

The details and images of important books which were received in April 2019 were - Touching lives: The Little known triumphs of the Indian space programme, ISRO : A personal history, India's rise as a space power, New Royal readers, Journey of passion, Bonhams : Islamic and Indian art.

Front cover of the book
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