Fellowship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ms. P M Vasundhara, Lead conservator at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur is currently training at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Department of Objects Conservation. The six month's skill development training program, from March - August 2019, is a part of the Indian Conservation Fellowship Program that is supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Ms. P M Vasundhara reassembling a glass roundel manufactured by Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Hegemony of Heritage - Ritual and The Record in Stone by Deborah L. Stein

The Hegemony of Heritage makes an original and significant contribution to our understanding of how the relationship of architectural objects and societies to built environment changes over time. Studying two surviving medieval monuments in southern Rajasthan- the Ambika Temple in Jagat and the Shree Eklingnath ji Temple at

Kailashpuri.The author looks beyond their divergent sectarian affiliations and patronage structuresto underscore many aspects of common practice.

Ms. Deborah L. Stein holds a PhD from UC Berkeley and has taught at Mills College, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, and San Francis co State University. Currently Senior Lecture at

Front cover of the book "The Hegemony of Heritage - Ritual and The Record in Stone" by Deborah L. Stein

California College of Arts, she is the author of several peer-reviewed articles.

This book is published with the support of Maharana Mewar Historic Publication Trust, a unit of Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation.

Heritage Conservation and Promotion

TMS update

The City Palace Museum, Udaipur has been engaged in several research projects over the last couple of months, such as the research of photographs in the Museum's collection, amongst others. The information gathered as part of this ongoing research, is being systematically entered into TMS; a process that will enrich the already existing data.

Celebrating Mewar Festival - 2019

One of Rajasthan's most popular cultural festivals - Mewar Festival 2019 was organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan in association with District Administration, Udaipur. The festival kick started on April 8, 2019. The festival is well-known as 'Gangaur' and has a unique charm in Udaipur. It is celebrated as the Mewar Festival in the month of Chaitra (March- April) and is aimed to protect and celebrate the rich heritage of Mewar, Rajasthan, and take forward the rich culture and traditions of the region. During the Festival, a procession was taken out carrying the idols of the deities -Isar (Lord Shiva) and Gangaur (Goddess Parvati), women ornamented and dressed in colorful attires carried them on their heads. The procession winded its way to the Gangaur Ghat at Pichola Lake from the clock tower, where the idols were worshiped and later the idols were transported into special boats and were bathed in the deep waters of the lake and then returned back to their home.

The major highlight of the festival was the boat procession with the Gangaur Boat all decked up carrying the idol of Gangaur. The Boat procession proceeds from 'Bansi Ghat' to 'Gangaur Ghat' in the evening hours.

After the completion of the religious ceremonies, exciting cultural events and activities took over the celebrations. Rajasthani songs, folk dances and other programmes held the spectators spellbound. The three-day festival was celebrated with great zest and dedication in Udaipur. People from the city and around the world enthusiastically took part in the celebrations and boast of colourful looks and cultural performances.

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