Academic Initiatives

Development in Maharana Mewar Special Library

Maharana Mewar Special Library (MMSL) is a world-class special library. By the end of this month MMSL has a collection of more than 34897 books of different varieties. Library has special collection of books on Literature, Religion, History, Arts, Zoology, Sports and General Geography about different part of India and globe and rare collection of books on Mewar dynasty.

22 new books were received in this month and all the books were processed in Accession Register. Classification done by Dewey decimal classification 19th Rev. Edition, Cataloguing (AACR II) and Bibliography; details uploaded in Library housekeeping software. Libsys and Eternal Mewar web site Stamping, tagging and scanning was also performed all these books.

The details and images of important books which were received in May 2019 were Immortal art of the Syed's, Akshyapath, Infantry: The ultimate.

Front Cover of Books

Few books were purchased and added in the library archive of MMCF - Indian Textile Sourcebook, Corpus Inscription Indecorum: Inscriptions of the early Gupta kings and their successors Vol.3, Insider, Coalition years 1996-2012, Psychology book, Meera Bai: Jeevan katha, Says Meera: An anthology of devotional songs of Meera, Bhaktimati Meerabai: Jeevan aur kavya, Articulation of honour and status in the Sisodian Chhatris, Passion for Indian Arms: A private collection 2016, Beyond the lines : An autobiography, Epic of Pabuji.

Front Cover of Books

Visit of Students from Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio, Vadodara, Gujarat

A group of 40 students from Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio, Vadodara, Gujarat visited The City Palace Museum, Udaipur on at 8th May 2019. They were briefed about the architectural aspects of the Museum. Later on these students sketched the architectural beauty of the palace on their drawing sheets.

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