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Exploring the Phad to spot the scenes

The Glorious History of Mewar - a storybook souvenir

Guides using the Phad as an aid in their communication with the visitors

Training programme for Museum attendants

A two-day training programme was conducted on 20th and 22nd May 2019 by Ms Bhasha Shah and Ms Anuja Mukherjee, Art Conservators, The City Palace Museum, Udaipur. The sessions were conducted in the MMCF conference room. The programme focused on introducing the attendants to the value of Museum artefacts and how the environmental conditions drastically affects the art. Emphasis was laid on cleanliness of the galleries and artefacts which plays a major role in preserving the collection. They were also guided on how to encourage visitors to cooperate on the same lines. The sessions were very successful, with the attendants being responsive and enthusiastic. Several problems were looked into and discussed, the solutions to which were cited and eventually implemented.

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