Guide Felicitation

MMCF felicitated the guides on their completion of training program that was organised by Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation as part of their yearly guide orientation program. This year the training was organized by the NGO 'Itihaas' under recognition of prior learning by Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Trustee, MMCF felicitated 300 guides at Zenana Mahal, The City Palace, Udaipur on 15th February. He presented them certificates. Mr. Bhupendra Singh Auwa, Administrator in Chief, Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation was also present for the occasion.

Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar felicitating one of the guides

Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar with the guides after felicitation

Heritage Conservation and Promotion

Holika Ropan - Installation of Holika Effigy

Holika Ropan (Installation of Holika Effigy) is a unique ritual observed in the Northern part of India on Purnima or the full moon day in the Magh month. The effigy was made at The Manek Chowk, The City Palace , Udaipur with traditional customs and rituals . It is a ritual associated with Holi festival. The day kick starts with the preparation for the Holi festival. The Ropan ritual holds great significance for people who believe in and celebrate the festival of Holi. Holika Dahan will take place on the next Purnima or full moon day, which is the Phalgun Purnima. The setting of effigy was done 08th February 2020.

Exhibition: Perception

Exhibition 'Perception', a water colour painting by Ms. Sheetal was displayed at the Shilp Sabha - Manek Chowk, The City Palace, Udaipur from 11th to 13th February 2020. The exhibition was inaugurated by artist Prof. Shail Choyal and Mr. Surjeet Choyal. Many prominent artists too attended the inaugural of painting. The art depicts beautiful representation of Rajasthani style of painting displaying haveli, historical buildings and beautiful temples. MMCF supported the exhibition.

inauguration of painting exhibition 'Perception'

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