Mr. Mudit Charles facilitating Poshak Prepration

Ms.Amamika Singh at the Clay-Gangaur Painting workshop

One of the visual cues created for Zenana in Rewind

Art Adventure - April 2023

The workshops curated for April 2023 touched upon different themes. In Relief Painting, conducted around the time of Shrinath ji Patotsav, participants explored the painting exhibition Portraits, Kings, Landscape: The Practice Poster : Art Adventure of Painting at Udaipur. They looked at depictions of Shrinath ji in art, and learnt traditional canvas preparation techniques as they worked hands on with relief work and painting a prepared template of the deity. They were told tales of Krishna, with melodious tunes of Krishna Leela as a subtle accompaniment. This was conducted from 5th - 8th April 2023.

Creating the relief work

At painting gallery

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