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VIP Visit

Family Welfare Organisation (FWO) members visit to The City Palace Museum

Mrs. Nitya Iyer, Chairperson of the Family Welfare Organisation (FWO), visited the City Palace Museum in Udaipur on June 23, 2023, along with Ms. Rekha Dixit, Veena Venkatraman, Ms. Alaknanda, and Ms. Nitya Ramkrishna.

The group visited the Salehkhana, Mardana Mahal, Amar Mahal (Silver Gallery), and Zenana Mahal. They were particularly impressed by the grandeur of the palaces and the rich history of Mewar.

In her note, Mrs. Nitya Iyer said, "This tour transported us into centuries past, reviving the grandeur of so many kings and queens' culture."

Afterwards, the group visited the Crystal Gallery and Jagmandir Island Palace. They were amazed by the beauty of the crystal and the intricate architecture of the palace.

The FWO members were grateful for the opportunity to visit the City Palace Museum and Jagmandir Island Palace.

Mrs. Nitya Iyer, Ms. Rekha Dixit, Ms. Veena Venkatraman, Ms. Alaknanda, and Ms. Nitya Ramkrishna at the Mor Chowk

Media Buzz

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Extract from the article entitled: Stay True to your Roots

Page: 19,20,21,22

Edition: April-June2023

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Article Snippet: An article in the Smithsonian publication on the exhibition 'A Splendid Land: Paintings from Royal Udaipur' a collaboration between Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art in collaboration with the City Palace Museum, Udaipur.

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