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On 29th April 2023 Dr. Gupta and Dr. Seth visited different renowned sites in Washington, D.C - the National Washington Monument built to honour George Washington, the United States' first president, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, White House, amongst others. They subsequently visited the old building of National Gallery of Art (NGA) and were joined by Dr. Dipti Khera, followed by a visit to the Library of Congress, replete with paintings on its ceiling, renowned for its architecture and collection of books.

On 30th April 2023 they visited the National Museum of Natural History. Dr. Seth also visited the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore accompanied by Dr. Debra Diamond, Mr. Neil Greentree, Dr. Shailka Mishra, Mr. Naveen Mittal and Ms. Catherine Glynn.

A meeting with the National Museum of Asian Art's departments was scheduled for 1st May 2023. The duo met its Design Department's Ms. Nancy Hacskaylo who showed them different mediums of printing of text panels and captions. This was followed by a meeting between Dr. Mayank Gupta and Dr. Debra Diamond with the Museum Director, Dr. Chase Robinson. Dr. Seth interacted with the Museum's Curator, Archaeological Collection, Ms. Antonietta Catanzariti. She shared her research work on Iran and its cultural material, unfortunate instances of smuggling and selling of artefacts. Dr. Gupta and Dr. Seth were also toured around the Museum's storage by Mr. Alan Francisco, followed by a meeting with Ms. Donna Strahan and her Conservation team at the Museum. The duo were provided access to the conservation laboratories and briefed about their projects.

On 2nd May 2023 as well they visited a conservation centre, at New York University, with Dr. Dipti Khera. Here they met with Ms. Lisa Conte, Ms. Emma Hartman and other conservators; they shared details of their recent project involving conservation of a 52 feet long painted scroll which is called Jain Vighyapti Patra, from Mewar. This was followed by a visit to Asia Society and viewing of the exhibition titled Hell.

A curatorial walk of the Brooklyn Museum and its large South Asian antiquity collection was provided on 3rd May 2023. This was facilitated by Ms. Joan Cummins, Lisa and Bernard Selz Curator of Asian Art.

On 4th May 2023, at the MET Museum, Dr. Gupta and Dr. Seth met with its team including Ms. Marina Ruiz-Molina, Paper Conservator, Ms. Savita Monie, Manager,

Indian Conservation Fellowship Program and International Initiatives, Ms. Lisa Pilosi, Sherman Fairchild Conservation In-charge, Ms. Rachel Mustalish, Conservator, Ms. Andrea Bayer, Deputy Director for Collections and Administration, and Ms. Janina Poskrobko, Conservation In-charge and discussed possibilities of future collaboration. Ms. Marina Ruiz-Molina and Ms. Lisa Pilosi showed the two around the conservation labs for different types of collections, with separate sections for conservation of Indian, Islamic paintings, books, photographs and more. Post this visit, they met with its Curators, Mr. John Guy (Asian Art) and Ms. Navina Haidar (Islamic Art). The latter showed the two some exquisite masterpieces from the Islamic and Mewar painting collection showcased in her exhibition at the MET. Dr. Gupta and Dr. Seth toured a few more sites from the 4th - 6th May 2023 including Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Museum and the National Museum of American Indian.

Dr. Dalpath Singh facilitating in the inscription workshop

Dr. Debra Diamond delivering a vote of thanks to workshop participants
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