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Academic Initiatives

  • Publication Programme
  • Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures
  • Maharana Mewar Special Library
  • Maharana Mewar Research Institute
  • Learning and Interpretation
  • Knowledge Transfer Initiative
  • The J. Paul Getty Grant, USA
  • Website - The City Palace Museum APP
  • To promote quality education, ancient and modern Indian languages and Vedic Studies
  • To research, conserve and promote Indian architecture, all creative and performing arts, literature and culture. - Promotion of education and learning through establishment of schools, colleges, research institutes and libraries

The academic initiatives of the MMCF are based on a multi-pronged approach aimed at providing resources for scholars and professionals. This approach combines direct donations towards educational institutions through the educational trusts, with wide-ranging and dynamic initiatives that include funding research into areas of interest to the region, hosting seminars and conferences on various subjects, the development of research institutes and libraries, maintenance of historic archives and their translation and digitization and an active programme of publishing local historical and cultural literature. Another important aspect of the academic programme is learning and interpretation, which promotes educational visits from schools and universities, both local and foreign.

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