Training programme for Security personnel: Part 2

Another training session was conducted with the security personnel on 16th and 28th August and 4th September 2019 at M.M.P.S. The sessions were led by the Museum's Conservators, Ms. Anuja Mukherjee and Ms. Bhasha Shah, with the primary focus of the programme being on the safe handling and salvaging of art objects during an emergency situation and the necessary steps that one must follow in the course of such an occurrence.

The conservators demonstrating safe handling of art objects

Restoration & Renovation work of Sabha Shiromani-ka-Darikhana

Sabha Shiromani-ka-Darikhana was built in 17th century during reign of Maharana Karan Singh. It is one of the oldest parts of The City Palace, Udaipur. During the inspection of area, few decorative parts of the stone columns, toddies, ornamental flowers etc were missing and there was an improper old paint layer. Project team has undertaken the work of restoration as per traditional practice work of lime araish on the columns and beams in the month of May, 2019 and still ongoing.

Cleaning of stone column

Carving work for making ornamental flower

Lime araish work in progress

Restoration & Renovation work of Bhupal Prakash

Bhupal Prakash situated at West wing, 2nd floor, Zenana Mahal is the part of The City Palace which was well build up in British Architectural style during reign of Maharana Fateh Singh for his son Maharana Bhupal Singh in 19th century. During the inspection it was found that the existing plaster was deteriorated and bulging in plaster was found. The restoration & renovation was undertaken by the project team of MMCF and work commenced in the month of June 2019.

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