Hakim Khan Sur Award - (Instituted in 1986-87)

  • Hakim Khan Sur was a Pathan who came to Mewar from his domicile in Hyderabad, Deccan. He became a general in Rana Pratap’s army and fought to uphold the freedom and beliefs of his adopted home in the epic battle of Haldi Ghati (1576 CE) against the invading Mughal army of Emperor Akbar. This is the first recorded instance in the Annals of Mewar in which the responsibility of leading the Mewar Army was not entirely entrusted to Shaktawat or Chundawat brethren. This was the direct consequence of Hakim Khan Sur’s declared undertaking that no one would be able to part him from his sword in battle. Despite being a follower of Islam he laid down his life in battle fighting against his blood brothers thereby fulfilling his commitment to uphold the freedom and honour of Mewar. Even in death no one could part him from his sword and he was buried with full honours with his sword in hand.

    His sacrifice is symbolic of the supremacy of ideology over religious and communal consideration - a unique example of his belief in the principles and commitment of unquestionable loyalty and devotion to Manav Dharma.

    Hakim Khan Sur Award is National Award. This award has been instituted to honour work of permanent value for the cause of national integration.

    This National Annual Award consists of:

    1.  A Ceremonial Shawl.

    2.  A ’Toran’ plaque of honour.

    3.  A Citation Certificate.

    4.  Cash award of  ₹ 1,00,001

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