Harit Rashi Award - (Established in 1980)

  • he world famous Maharishi Harit Rashi was the Guru of Bapa Rawal. He was an Acharayan of the Lakulish sect and a great devotee of Shri Eklingji. Bapa Rawal came from Vallabhipur, now in the state of Gujarat, India. He was one of the students at the Ashram of Harit Rashi near the village of Kailashpuri, 20 kilometers from Udaipur.

    He was totally dedicated to his Guru who recognised in him certain inherent qualities and values which ought to be present in a leader. Before Harit Rashi left for his heavenly abode he selected Bapa Rawal amongst all his students to be entrusted with the responsibility of the right to worship and administer, as Diwan, the land on behalf of Shri Eklingji.

    He bestowed upon his favourite student the kingdom of Mewar and formulated the directions and the cardinal rules of governance of his State. Thereafter Bapa Rawal became the founding father of the House of Mewar early in the 8th century.

    Thus the kingdom of Mewar and the concept of trusteeship came into being as a consequence of a religious blessing centuries ago. The founding of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation in 1969 is part of the obligations of this Institution of Maharana.

    The Harit Rashi award is a state award. This award has been instituted to honour scholars for work of permanent value in awakening society through the medium of vedic culture, the ancient ‘Shastras’ and ‘Karma Kand’.

    This State award consists of:

    • A ceremonial shawl.
    • A “Toran” plaque of honour.
    • A Citation certificate
    • Cash award of Rs. 51,001/-
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