Maharana Kumbha Award - (Established in 1980)

  • Maharana Kumbha (1433-1468 AD) was one of the most distinguished Maharanas of Mewar. It is evident from inscriptions on stone found widely that he was a brilliant administrator, brave warrior, great architect, builder of impregnable forts and palaces, philanthropist, benevolent towards his people, proficient in art, music, a scholar of scriptures, deeply religious and a man of letters.

    He was a patron of excellence and during his time the State of Mewar prospered and grew in size and stature.Amongst the greatest of greats he was a giant of a man.Maharana Kumbha is a State award. This award was instituted to honour works of permanent value to society through the medium of history and literature

    The Story of Rana Kumbha:
    “The Architect of Mewar” fifty named.
    For not alone this masterpiece displays
    His preternatural taste, but many temples too
    He did erect, while on the wide-spread plains
    Great forts he built, where’er his power grew
    For fifty years great Kumbha reigned,
    Renowned for wisdom, justice and for power,
    Loved by the clans, who thrived beneath his rule,
    But feared by those, who from his strength must cower.

    - by Mr. S.O. Heinemann

    This State award consists of:

    • A ceremonial shawl.
    • A “Toran” plaque of honour.
    • A Citation certificate
    • Cash award of Rs. 51,001/-

    * No. of recipients will be decided by the selection committee.

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