Maharana Mewar Award - (Established in 1981)

  • Since the time Bapa Rawal became the first Diwan of Shri Eklingji all subsequent Maharanas of Mewar have considered it their proud and honourable privilege to uphold this mantle. The Maharanas, simply as custodians of the State, remained spiritual and temporal heads of Mewar.

    With the amalgamation of the State in 1947 and subsequent constitutional amendment of 1971, his late Highness Maharana Bhagwat Singhji Mewar strongly felt and categorically stated that merely the geographic boundaries of the state of Mewar had been done away with. Furthermore, he felt that now the role of Mewar was enhanced because there was no longer a confinement to the area of service. The functions and duties based on vedic principles of the Maharana had now got to be institutionalised.

    Under the changed circumstances, in order to continue and immortalise the name, duties and functions of Maharana, he had to reshape his role, within the four corners of law, and therefore decided to transfer his personal and individual rights, as a Maharana into the Institution of Maharana.

    He had to find new ways to enable him and his successive custodians to continue to perform their duties in perpetuity as Diwan of Shri Eklingji. His solution in institutionalising is based on that fact no one, or any law or any constitution, can debar man from performing his duties to serve the society.The Institution of Mewar, in contemporary times therefore still remains a manifestation of rulership in the form of trusteeship.

    Maharana Mewar award is a State award. This award is given to individuals who have served in the field of education, literature, social services, philanthropy and character building activities, Maharana Mewar award is a state award. This award has been instituted to honour work of permanent value to those who consider it their duty, like the Dewan of Eklingji, to serve society.

    This State award consists of:

    • A ceremonial shawl.
    • A “Toran” plaque of honour.
    • A Citation certificate
    • Cash award of Rs. 51,001/-

    * No. of recipients will be decided by the selection committee.

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