Badi Pol
The Badi Pol literally means the big or main gate. It is the grand entrance gate and serves as the main northern entry to The City Palace, Udaipur. The feature briefs about the history associated with the palce,When and by whom was Badi Pol made and Why was Badi Pol constructed.
Kartik Poornima Celebrations 2019

BRAHMANJALI - 2019, Kartik Poornima was celebrated at Manek Chowk, The City Palace with spellbinding Bharatanatyam performance by Ms. Geeta Chandran and her Natya Vriksha Dance Company on 12th November, 2019. The choreographies unfolded Brahmasandhi, Maya, Vaakvrishti and Grihabheda.
Scholarships, Grants and Donations

Today, one of the Foundation's biggest outlaying expenditure is charity being done through its direct donations to motives such as, scholarships supports, pension schemes, endowments and medical aids, thus fulfilling directly many of the objectives. Few of them being Medical Assistance; Charitable Dispensary and Medical Aid; Supporting Saksham Project of Yuva Pahal, Pali, Rajasthan; Supporting the 'Widow Care Project' at Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Career orientation programme in Museum field #BehindTheScenesInAMuseum

The workshop #BehindTheScenesInAMuseum, held on 22nd November, 2019, acted as a career orientation programme to acquaint our young audience, in the age groups 15-17 years, to their cultural heritage and the art of the region, and the varied possibilities that lie in the field of museums, and the art and heritage sector, from a career point of view. Participants for this workshop were from the Maharana Mewar Public School.