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Treasure Trove of Mewar

Sep 01 2017

The land of the Rajputs
The legends of the Maharanas
The stories that spellbind you

Mewar has endless treasures and thanks to the efforts of the royal family, a lot of care, effort, and dedication has gone into preserving these rare artifacts. Today they are available for public viewing and can be easily accessed. Lovers of history can wander through these corridors of the past, and breathe it all in.

Every visitor to the museum of Mewar is left awed and speechless at the exquisite artistry carefully preserved from the reign of the Maharanas. Each relic from the past is worth its weight in gold, and more. One can set aside a special day only to visit the museum so that enough time and attention can be devoted to each piece of heritage.


Art lovers can browse through more than 200 court paintings of Mewar that depict its art, architecture, and culture between the 18th and 20th centuries. This includes portraits, landscapes and even war scenes from battles like the one at Haldi Ghati.

Even more ancient are the stone sculpture remains from temples dating back to the 10th century that one can admire, while getting a glimpse of the architecture of that era. It is a marvel to see the detailing that prevailed more than a thousand years ago when the tools were handmade and there was no formal institutional training in the arts.


The silver collection is equally charming as it includes pieces of jewelry worn by the queens of yore. It also showcases intricately crafted ornaments of royal elephants and horses of the palace, an all-silver carriage (‘baggi’) and a ‘hauda’.


An unbelievable 14,500 photographs and 1,500 delicately maintained glass negatives from the personal collection of Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur are soon to be put on display.

Apart from this, there are several exquisitely carved artifacts, furniture, and heirlooms that are a treat to the eye. This collection is fascinating not just to tourists, but also to students of art, architecture and jewelry design who have much to learn and be inspired from.

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