Charities and philanthropy form an integral part of the core values of Custodianship as exemplified by the House of Mewar. Adhering to ancient Vedic principles, every Custodian of the House of Mewar, through the centuries, has 'given' to the community and society at large without favour, prejudice or desire for recognition. Through the twentieth and twenty-first century, the charities of the House have been institutionalized with the formation and development of various public and private charitable trusts which operate under the parameters of Indian law


The House of Mewar remains committed to promoting charitable and philanthropic activities in the field of education, healthcare, spirituality and heritage management. The various public and private Trusts, formed and administered by the Custodians of the House, have focussed their resources and energies into developmental projects that create assets for long-term societal benefits while enhancing the quality of life of the community and society.

  • The Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur was instituted to serve and assist each and every individual to realise a special status in the hierarchy of God's creation, and to serve as a temple of inspiration to future generations. The Foundation was founded upon principles of trusteeship, which are its underlying structure and strength

  • The Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust is a subsidiary trust of the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation. It came into existence, under the guidance of His Late Highness Maharana Bhagwat Singhji Mewar, in the early 1970's. The main objectives of the Trust are to encourage research work in areas as diverse as indian history, culture, indigenous languages and literature. Young and aspiring writers are sponsored and financial assistance is also bestowed.

    The Trust publishes books of works, which are not necessarily commercially viable but are research oriented and enlighten the society. Written works in the form of pamphlets and periodicals are also published. Lectures, discourses and seminars are also encouraged. This trust has financed the publishing of new work, and also re-issued important books (that had gone out of print), so as to make them readily available to scholars.

    The research and dissemination of indian culture is the primary focus of the Trust.

  • The House of Mewar has throughout history given a special emphasis to education. Maharana Shambhu Singh built the first school for girls in Udaipur in 1866, and during the reign of Maharana Bhupal Singh (1930-1955) more schools, including one specifically for girls, were opened. Hence, continuing this tradition, an important element of the Eternal Mewar charities is its focus on education at both the pedagogic and adult literacy levels. Education is a vital step towards the improvement and understanding of life both for the individual and the community. The Vidyadan Trust, through the MMCF gives support to individuals from primary school through to advanced studies and even to the post-graduate level. This assistance can also extend to studies abroad and to attending international conferences and symposia. Educational institutions funded by the MMCF and its ancillary body, the Vidyadan Trust include the Maharana Mewar Public School situated within the The City Palace and the Maharana Mewar Vidya Mandir near Amba Mataji Temple.

Mewar Sabha Siromani

  • Joint Custodianship Initiatives Programme
    • Mewar Sabha Shiromani (MSS) is an initiative of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) to connect and bring together the People and Friends of Mewar.

      The different regions Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Dungarpur, Banswara, Kushalgarh and Pratapgarh that formed the erstwhile Rajput Kingdom of Mewar before 19th century, the princely state of Mewar during the British period and, the Udaipur Division in 1947, are being referred to as ‘Mewar’ for the purpose of this forum. The People of Mewar refers to those who hail from this region.

      The Friends of Mewar refers to all those who may not hail from this region but nevertheless have demonstrated, through their work or association, a deep understanding or emotional bond with Mewar, who are supporters of Mewar and believe in the conservation of the spiritual and cultural heritage of our region.

      Mewar Sabha Shiromani will provide tangible and intangible opportunities to those People and Friends of Mewar who will be ‘invited’, to voluntarily associate with the multifaceted philanthropic activities of MMCF, Udaipur.

      The invitees, who will be addressed as ‘Kul Gaurav’ (or Pride of the Family) will have the privilege to participate in the commercial and non-commercial activities undertaken by the House of Mewar to further the stated objectives of the MMCF in the 21st century.

      Through the aegis of the MMCF, invitees will be encouraged to serve and provide leadership to ongoing developmental activities in Mewar and Rajasthan. Through this association and service, invitees will strengthen their emotional bonds, historical ties and reinforce their identities for themselves and their future generations.

    • Mewar Sabha Shiromani will create, develop and maintain the global directory titled ‘The Global Blue Book of the People and Friends of Mewar'.

      This global directory will become the central resource of the Mewar Sabha Shiromani and will meaningfully connect the People and Friends of Mewar with each other and with the Mewar region.

      Mewar Sabha Shiromani will strive to achieve the objectives of the MMCF for the benefit of all.

    • Mewar Sabha Shiromani will further the principles and objectives of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur. The launch and consolidation of Mewar Sabha Shiromani shall fulfill the objectives of the MMCF in the global village of the 21st century. The MMCF was instituted to serve and assist each and every individual to realise a special status in the hierarchy of God’s creation; To serve as a Temple of Inspiration to future generations. To preserve and protect the spirit of self-respect and self-reliance. In the 21st century, Mewar Sabha Shiromani fosters the principles of custodianship through this global networking initiative: It is an endeavour to collectively share and become responsible for the continuity of principles that the MMCF has stood for in the last 35 years and the values that the House of Mewar has steadfastly upheld since the last 1500 years. Mewar Sabha Shiromani's global networking will advance national and international understanding and goodwill among global citizens who have their roots in Mewar and are united in their love for the development of their homeland.

    • Mewar Sabha Shiromani will provide opportunities to foster and develop relationships through this voluntary association.

      For the invitees: 

      An exclusive opportunity to once again connects to Mewar in the 21st century and to support its value-system that upholds welfare of all humanity.

      Mewar Sabha Shiromani activities will meaningfully ‘unite and bind’ the People and Friends of Mewar who will be addressed as ‘Kul Gaurav’. 

      It will mutually enrich the association through voluntary service and endeavours for community development.

      Invitees will establish contacts within a global network of like-minded members of their extended family while at the same time sharing a common heritage.

      For Udaipur and Mewar region: Multiplier effects of developmental projects would be positively felt in Udaipur and Mewar region.

      Projects related to heritage management, tourism, environment management, education, healthcare and infrastructure will benefit from the voluntary involvement of the people and Friends of Mewar through Mewar Sabha Shiromani.

      For Rajasthan and India: 

      Mewar Sabha Shiromani will be positioned to plan and execute projects of state and national importance : Benefits of such developmental projects would be felt across the state and country 

      It will be a matter of pride and honour for Mewar Sabha Shiromani to bring such projects that will enhance the quality of life of millions of people across India and overseas.

    • The People and Friends of Mewar will be invited exclusively by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, the Chairman and Managing Trustee of the MMCF to ‘voluntarily serve’ on the related forum. The forum is being created with a focus to provide meaningful meeting grounds for the ‘Kul Gaurav’ who will get an opportunity: -

      To strengthen and renew their material, emotional and spiritual bonds with Mewar, thus reinforcing their identities and heritage for themselves and their future generations; To be apprised of developmental activities in the Mewar region where their participation and contribution would be welcomed on voluntary basis.

      To optimise on the above opportunities, the invitees will be voluntarily providing information about personal details / family history / interests / travel / future plans.

      This information could be shared in the forums, for the benefit of the invitees and the forums of Mewar Sabha Shiromani. All invitees will ensure that the information provided is accurate. Their ‘association’ will be recognised by the MMCF in a befitting manner.

      Invitees cannot claim any right or reward simply based on their voluntary association with the MMCF through the forums created for Mewar Sabha Shiromani. Nor can they ‘demand’ forums for their personal agendas, nor indulge in any lobbying that would damage the reputation and credibility of the MMCF or its affiliated bodies.

      The MMCF has the sole discretion to ‘extend’ the invitation to selected people in India and overseas. The Screening Committee will process the information received. Decision of Screening Committee will be final and binding i.e. it cannot be challenged in any court of law by or on those invited.

      The MMCF will establish a professionally managed Secretariat governed by a Secretary General that will coordinate all the initiatives of Mewar Sabha Shiromani for the benefit of the invitees and the forum.

    • Mewar Sabha Shiromani, being a forum of national and international People and Friends of Mewar, is a voluntary association; described as a ‘meeting forum’ for the invitees or ‘Kul Gauravs’. It will function as a ‘voluntary association of people’ who will be meaningfully mobilised and organised as an ‘advisory forum’ working for the benefit of Mewar region through the MMCF.

      The MMCF, through the Mewar Sabha Shiromani Secretariat specially created, will be ensuring that the information collected and shared through the global initiative is sufficiently safeguarded against any misuse.

      In case of any third-party misuse, the MMCF will not be held liable for damages by any invitee or their family-members. The invitees, on their part, will ensure that all the information provided is accurate and to the best of their knowledge. At any time, they may be asked to furnish proof for their statements.

      The MMCF shall maintain, validate and continuously update the directory generated and all invitees will be encouraged to update the information and provide relevant details without undue delays.

      Invitees will be encouraged to ‘refer’ their family-members or friends to the MMCF through the Secretariat formed for extending invitation.

    • The general superintendence, direction and control of affairs of Mewar Sabha Shiromani will rest with the Board of Trustees of the MMCF and the Mewar Sabha Shiromani Secretariat, specially formed, will manage the day-to-day functioning. The Board of Trustees of the MMCF shall exercise all duties, powers, functions and rights relating to the carrying out of the objectives of Mewar Sabha Shiromani. The Board of Trustees of the MMCF is presently headed by: Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur: Chairman and Managing Trustee, MMCF.

      The Board of Trustees of the MMCF shall:

       Finalise and approve plans and programmes of the forums.

       Receive contributions and have the custody of funds and material aid provided by the invitees and maintain transparency in all its dealings.

       Work towards continuous growth and successful consolidation of the forums, in the mutual interest of the MMCF and the invitees.

       Provide for a professional management of the Secretariat that will enable the successful completion of the plans and programmes.

       Cooperate and Collaboration with any other like-minded organisations or individuals for achieving the objectives of the MMCF.

       Set up relevant Committees (like the Screening Committee and/or Review Committee)

      Mewar Sabha Shiromani Secretariat will:

       Implement plans and programmes of the forums in line with the MMCF objectives.

       Serve as a one-point contact for the invitees and the MMCF, serving as the Executive Committee for Mewar Sabha Shiromani.

       Maintain and continuously develop two-way communication channels with the invitees.

       Collate and present suggestions, ideas and concepts of the invitees to the MMCF and within the forums of Mewar Sabha Shiromani.

       Adhere to a high degree of professionalism and work ethics in all its activities, while safeguarding interest of invitees and the MMCF alike.

       Maintain all records pertaining to Mewar Sabha Shiromani and the meetings of forums and ensure a conflict-free environment for Mewar Sabha Shiromani to achieve its objectives.

       Professionally handle any other work assigned.


    The Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation provides research grants to scholars and academicians in specific cases as part of its annual programs and activities. For more details regarding this see Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation and our previous grants listed under Education.


    About the Awards

    His late Highness, Maharana Bhagwat Singh Ji Mewar, instituted the Maharana Mewar foundation Annual Awards in 1980. He described this act in his own words:

    "(This is) a humble effort to preserve the age old traditions and obligations of the House of Mewar to serve society and assist man who realises his special status in the hierarchy of God's creations and to serve as a temple of inspiration to future generations to preserve and protect the spirit of self-respect and self-reliance."

    The Maharana Mewar Foundation Annual Awards constitute a major part of the activities of the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF).From a modest beginning of awards limited initially for the scholars in Udaipur, the range of these awards has steadily grown to become an event in the domestic and international arena.Today, the Awards honour the recognition of service of permanent value already rendered to society in which, eminent scholars, students and common citizens who, through their chosen field of study and activity, have contributed to the society.

    Scheme of Annual Awards and Honour Roll
    • Colonel James Tod Award

      To a foreign national for services rendered for Mewar, India

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    • Haldi Ghati Award

      Service to society through the medium of journalism

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    • Hakim Khan Sur Award

      Promotion of national integration

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    • Maharana Udai Singh Award

      Contribution to the field of environment

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    • Panna Dhai Award

      Rising above the call of duty and sacrifice to society

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    • Harit Rashi Award

      The world famous Maharishi Harit Rashi was the Guru of Bapa Rawal. He was an Acharayan of the Lakulish sect and a great devotee of Shri Eklingji.

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    • Maharana Mewar Award

      Since the time Bapa Rawal became the first Diwan of Shri Eklingji all subsequent Maharanas of Mewar have considered it their proud and honourable

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    • Maharana Kumbha Award

      Maharana Kumbha (1433-1468 AD) was one of the most distinguished Maharanas of Mewar.

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    • Dagar Gharana Award

      Dhrupad and Dhammar are a very ancient style of Gayaki which occupies an important place in the world

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    • Rana Punja Award

      The name Rana Punja, who was a true son of the soil, is taken with great reverence because o

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    • Aravali Award

      The Aravali range of mountains is geographically known as the oldest mountains, even older than the Himalayas.

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    • Maharana Sajjan Singh Award

      Paintings, fine art, sculpture, architecture and crafts

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    • Bhamashah Award

      For students of all universities in rajasthan for obtaining the highest percentage of marks throughout Rajasthan or students from Rajasthan for outstanding achievements in any recognised Univ

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    • Maharana Raj Singh Award

      For students of colleges situated within Udaipur city and colleges outside Udaipur, affiliated with the Universities located in Udaipur for outstanding achievements in games & sports, culture

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    • Maharana Fateh Singh Award

      For students who have passed Secondary/Senior Secondary exams, from schools of Udaipur city for outstanding achievements in studies/games and sports/cultural, literature & extra-curricular ac

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    • Bhamashah Award

      Bhamashah son of Bharmal, hailed from Alwar and belonged to the Kavadia Oswal Jain community.

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    • Maharana Raj Singh Award

      Maharana Raj Singhji’s time (1652-1680AD) on the Gaddi was a poignant time not only in the

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    • Maharana Fateh Singh Award

      Nobody embodied the significance of the sacred function of the Diwan – which is “whose duty i

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